definition [ brox doc ]

a novel approach to documentation by writing documents your staff will enjoy using.

brox doc

Brox doc provides you with documentation for any business and IT system and process.

From technical reference and user guides to process documentation, we provide clear, concise administration documentation, generously illustrated with graphics and screen shots, aware that a ‘picture paints a thousand words’.

Your staff do not need to take time out from their daily routine to show us the system. We are developers as well as technical writers. We quickly orientate ourselves in your environment, making it a painless process.

Brox doc documents are a reference you always come back to.

We also identify and investigate any undocumented areas by going through your current system.

After you receive your new graphic-rich brox doc documentation, you have all the information you need. You will be able to familiarise your current and new staff with any process or software and handy quick-reference guides, giving both you and your staff greater confidence and making the most of your business tools.


definition [ brox train]

 take your staff from ‘couch potato’ to your software super hero.

brox train

Brox train provides services to develop and perform customized training courses for your people.

We develop courses for our solutions as well as for other business software. That way, your business takes ownership of software and your staff are empowered to support themselves day-to-day. Each course is designed using your real-life situations rather than ‘text book’ examples.

Brox train involves courses that take the attendee on a journey through the required skills. Each skill area builds on previous ones and the trainee learns by walk-through examples and end of chapter exercises.

Throughout the course, brox ltd personnel answer questions while guiding trainees through the course. This way your staff gain applied knowledge and fully utilise what they learn straight away.

Brox train provides businesses with the tools to learn in a practical and enjoyable way, with material that can be re-used and enhanced as needs change.

software support

definition [ brox boost]

the ‘wind beneath your wings’ for your software, making sure it’s ready to fly when you are.

brox boost

Brox boost supports and maintains your existing software systems. We include in our support an investigation of your software and development environment and provide documented recommendations to help support your platform and your intellectual property.

Combining our experience with many different business and development systems, Brox boost provides you with dependable, organised support for your existing software.

Because we design as well as maintain your support environment you never need worry about your software.

The Brox boost service includes studying the system to document, creating and improving existing processes to help administer your system on an on-going basis.

We are happy to customize a support structure to meet your business needs. This friendly service is available both remotely and onsite, depending on your specific requirements. Brox boost delivers on-going support facilities and service level agreements, making sure your business operates at peak performance.

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