project management

definition [ brox process ]

 man-handle your projects into shape and get them to the finish line in record time.

brox process

Brox process is a project management service where we manage your technology projects, leaving you free for other work.

Before a project starts we meet with you to define requirements and document the scope of the project.

Brox process manages the project, keeping to the agreed scope and budget. Regularly communication on the project progress means any risks or scope creep encountered are reported along the way.

As part of a project, we may need to manage third party providers and contractors to get the job done, managing their costs as part of your project.

Brox process involves keeping the project on budget and meeting agreed requirements while delivering a high quality, well tested outcome for your business.

tailor-made software

definition [ brox advance ]

take the ‘inside leg’ measurement of your business and make a solution that fits like a glove.

brox advance

Brox advance creates tailor-made software from your business ideas. Our design team makes software dreams into a delivered solution, to enhance your business. Let us deliver what others have told you is impossible.

We take you through the whole process from design and specification to development, testing and deployment.

Every step of the way brox advance keeps you informed and involved to make sure the product delivered fulfills your requirements.

To give you complete control we develop customized, easy to understand administration software, with clear and concise documentation. Alternatively brox ltd can monitor and manage your software with brox boost.

Your new software gathers useful information while re-using your existing IT platforms and staff to generate helpful daily deliverables.

Our passion is to measure, which means we make sure that what we develop fits your business, delivering true customer satisfaction.

internet / intranet development

definition [ brox connect ]

net your information so that every area of your business can ‘sing in harmony’.

brox connect

Brox connect creates internet or intranet sites from your business ideas, to improve the flow of information to and from your business.

Brox connect designed sites will give you information at your finger tips, helping your staff to generate more useful day-to-day deliverables through faster, streamlined processes.

Brox connect delivers well designed internet sites with eye-catching visuals which use the best tools so you get the highest hit rate from those in your target market.

Then, to assist you to manage and maintain these new improved business tools yourself, we develop customized, and easy to understand, administration software and documentation. To maximise your investment, enlist the help of our brox boost service for your ongoing site management.

software testing

definition [ brox 360]

a pit stop for your systems, checking whether it is fit for the racetrack or needs to return to the mechanic.

brox 360

Brox 360 is a full testing workout for custom-tailored and standard office software, database engines, reporting systems and websites.

Your software will be put through a comprehensive range of tests using best practice testing tools and methodologies. These include black tests to reveal if your software is doing the jobs you require. When the product receives a full workout in your environment, weaknesses and shortcomings are revealed.

Brox ltd implements essential tests so that you can have complete confidence that the project meets your needs. Brox ltd fills a testing expertise gap in your organisation.

Brox 360 carries out user acceptance tests for all your software products - bespoke or otherwise - so you can be sure they meet your specifications and requirements.

With our experience in software and systems, Brox 360 will give your software a full workout and reveal flaws and problems that need to be addressed.

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