Brox takes on Social Responsibility Partnership with Flame Cambodia

Meredith Brocklebank - Sunday, March 05, 2017
                • This year Brox has decided to partner with a Cambodian charity called Flame. We would like to invite you to join us in changing lives of young people in Cambodia.
                • As a company and as individuals Brox has always supported charitable endeavours both in New Zealand and overseas. This year we decided to take a step further and intentionally pursue our social responsibility plans by going into a partnership with Flame Cambodia.

                • Flame is a young, vibrant organisation made up of caring kiwis who saw a need in the slums of Cambodia and chose to make a difference.

                "We work with the poorest of the poor, with children who collect rubbish and beg, instead of being in school. For us, it’s not just what we do though, it’s who does it. Our projects are dynamic and diverse, from putting water filters into slums, to teaching photography, to a mobile clinic on a tuk-tuk taking medical care to the poor… all these are initiatives of our Flame young adults who live in the Flame Leadership Academies. These young people are now in university or tertiary training, who were themselves once slum dwelling, disadvantaged, trafficked or orphaned. They know hunger, they know poverty, and having come from the hardest backgrounds, they are now resilient and strong, equipped with what they need to become the future leaders that Cambodia n eeds."

                • How we became involved
                • We became involved in Flame in 2015 when friends of ours decided to move to Cambodia to work for a charity who work in getting children out of child labour and into school. A simple task of building a website for the charity has become a much larger commitment culminating when Meredith was invited to become a board member of Flame. Since then our involvement has only increased and with it our desire to do more for children in Cambodia who are at high risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation as well as in child labour. 

                What can you do?

                • Join us at Stories from the Slums: Cambodian Style Dinner and Auction in Auckland 24th March 2017 and hear stories of life changing hope. See the website for details. Tickets are available from


                    Flame is also holding events in Christchurch, Wellington, Wanganui, Raglan, Tauranga, Hamilton and Te Awamutu. Please check the website for details


                  Donate goods or services or an experience for Stories from the Slums Dinner and Auction. As a business, this is an opportunity for you to promote your business, gain new clients, and show the community that you are a business that cares about the wider issues of social justice.


                  Have a Cambodian holiday! Nick is proud to be able to take some lucky people on a Harley Davidson tour of Cambodia. Having done the tour in 2016 this is a bike rider's dream. Not only to you get an amazing holiday you also will be seeing the work of Flame in Phnom Penh and part of the cost goes towards Flame Projects. If you are not a bike rider but would like a fully escorted tour of Cambodia, get in touch and we take you in an airconditioned vehicle.


                  Make a donation through the website or sign up for the Flame newsletter to keep in touch with the work we do. 


                Please partner with us and help us to make the world a better place. If you have any question or need more information please give Brox a call on 021 309 55.


Managing Emotions in the Workplace with Emotional Intelligence

Meredith Brocklebank - Sunday, September 20, 2015

What is emotional intelligence and what effect does it have on the workplace? And how can you get better at it?  

Have you ever been the brawled out by a boss and you don’t know why?

Or had to work with a grumpy team member?

Anywhere you have to regulate your emotions is hard. The greater your emotional intelligence the easier it is for you to regulate your emotions.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is to the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. There are four parts: 

1. Perceiving Emotions: 

perceiving emotions accurately, including understanding body language and facial expressions.

2. Reasoning With Emotions: 

using emotions to promote thinking and focus what we pay attention and react to.

3. Understanding Emotions: 

you must interpret the emotions, their cause and what it means. For example, if your boss is acting angry, it might mean that he is unhappy with your work; or that he's been fighting with his wife.

4. Managing Emotions:

Regulating emotions, and responding to the emotions of others.

And the workplace is where you need to regulate your emotions the most. It follows on that those with high EQ, who are better at managing emotions, will do better than those who have lower EQ. So to get the best out of employee provide them with a emotionally intelligent environment to work in.

Workplace Environment 

In the workplace prevention is better than waiting for the problems to come. By using three main keys you can alleviate the possibility of problems. The first key is to  have a positive and friendly emotional climate. Follow that with putting in a system of rewards and compensation. Finally select employees and teams based in positive emotional attitude.

It is also necessary to assess the emotional impact of jobs. These strategies will you keep your work environment EQ healthy:

  • * Facilitate positive effects
  • * Model positive a friendly climate
  • * Use rewards appropriately and include the expectation that people will behave like this
  • * Select for positive employees
  • * Train for EQ and healthy emotional expression and prevent emotional burnout
  • * Change the organisational culture, take risks, rally the troops
  • * Redesign jobs

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