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Brox will provide the answers you need and the tools to maximise returns. We know how to help you find the unexpected profit areas and the unexplained losses - our solutions will give you a return on investment.

  • we’ll get close to you to understand your business
  • we never say impossible - we will invent new ways of doing things
  • we know the frustrations of talking to IT companies, we have experienced that too!
  • we will come and work with you, side by side to find a solution because we’re local not global
  • we know about Software and keep up with the latest software trends and advances
  • our products are reliable and stable
  • we will adapt quickly to your needs


we are motivated to help you get the best out of your business and we have the 'know-how' to make it happen!

nick "the brains" brocklebank

Nick Brocklebank is the backbone, founder and driving force behind brox ltd. A career spanning from the UK to NZ crafted his experience in business intelligence, project management, business analysis, software design and being helpful. All great skills to form the foundation for a full service software company... and so brox ltd was born.

Eight years on it's the kind of business Nick is proud stand behind. He has built up a team of dedicated, skilled, like-minded specialists, who value integrity above all else. A scrum agile framework produces work to client specifications in a flexible and holistic manner, resulting in a body of loyal clients.

Collectively the team brings to life the brox values: using plain english, being transparent with visible processes and delivering on promises.  Contact nick on 021 309 555

when you call brox ltd you are going to talk to a real person - someone who knows what they are talking about and genuinely wants to understand what they can do to improve your business.

we like to measure... brox ltd software is reliability tested 24 / 7

How do we calculate Brox success average up time?

We take the hours our products have been running, over the last three years and subtract any downtime... simple

Why should I work with Brox ltd?

We provide practical and innovative solutions that work. We look at your company’s infrastructure; resources and skills to tailor make a solution to meet your specific needs. We make sure that every dollar you spend with us will give you a return on your investment.


What is the 'Brox ltd way of working'?

We like to provide you with a solution that will quickly bring business insights improve your business. Then we want to empower you to be able for your own staff to drive the solution to the next level. Our goal is give you a solution that will grow and develop with your company’s requirements. Our processes include regular communication with you and all the stakeholders. We use the agile methodology scrum to manage our projects, which involves liaising with stakeholders throughout the project, usually presenting the new features every fortnight.


How is Brox ltd different from other Business Intelligence and Data Mining companies?

We speak in plain English so that we can engage with you and your key users to make sure what we implement is what you really need. Our goal is to give you the best solution. If we see a better way of producing the results you want we will tell you, even if that means less business for us. At brox ltd we have years of experience in business as well as in software. We will fully analyse your business and ask you what you want, so that the solution we provide will cost what we quote.


How can we be sure brox will stick to the budget?

Brox stands by our quotes. We ensure before start that we are delivering what the client wants, not what we think they want. We will agree the scope of work before we start and make sure both parties understand because at brox we speak plain English.


How do I recover my investment?

Brox ltd clients have seen return on investment (ROI) in BI through:

  • Lower costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased revenue


If we don’t know what information we need, how do we make sure that we are having the right solution implemented?

We will walk you through a consultation process which will analyse your businesses needs, unique requirements and help you ‘define’ the solutions you need. Solving your problems is what we do.


What is Business intelligence (BI) and why do I need it?

Business Intelligence (BI) is the art and science of delivering the right data at the right time. It includes data warehousing, data analysis and reporting. Having a Business Intelligence (BI) solution means you can have the ability to make decisions on facts, not just on a hunch.


How long does it take to build a Business Intelligence solution?

We believe by using the latest in BI technology we can develop a useful solution for you in weeks, not years. Your business needs targeting information now not some time in distant future. By developing daily dashboards and reporting you can see your organisations data so that you can adapt and respond quickly to changing markets.


What will a Business Intelligence solution provide for my organisation?

A Business Intelligence solution will give you the ability to understand and analyse the changes and fluctuations in your business. It can also help you to improve efficiencies, discover and manage customer behaviour and give you the power to of basing your decisions on real facts.


Who are Business Intelligence systems intended for?

BI is for any member of the company who makes decisions. Reports or dashboards can tailored to an individuals level (analysts, managers, directors, auditors, etc.), providing different kinds of information in each case.


Is it necessary to have specialised staff for Business Intelligence?

While building some of complex reports and dashboards requires a specialist like us at brox ltd, your own staff can easily build simple reports and drill through data to the underlying information. Not only that but brox ltd can provide your staff with customised training so that they can become expert users.


Which Business Intelligence products do you work with?

We are experts in Microsoft Business Intelligence tools including SQL server, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Analytics Services and Sharepoint. We also use with IBM business intelligence tools Cognos Suite and are familiar with IBM Watson, QlikView and Tableau.


Will we able to use your Business Intelligence solution with our existing applications and databases?

One the key ways we like to work is to take your existing applications and integrating it into the business intelligence platform. We also specialise in automating manual processes and integrating data from one application into another to the risk of mistakes and data loss.


What is a data analysis?

Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.


What can data analysis do for my business?

Data analysis can tell you what happened and why. It also, with predictive analytics, tell you what might happen or let you uncover interesting and useable information about your business.


What is a big data?

Big data is all the information collected from devices attached to the internet, including what is bought online, smartphone communications, social media interactions and ‘smart’ device data like your car or power meter. It includes unstructured content like opinions from social media comments, images, smartphone data. This is valuable to your business as it can help you make predictions about customer behaviour and revenue generation.


What can big data do for my business?

Big data can provide real time data and predictive analytics. The most important first step is to find that subset of data that will benefit your company the most. Massive amounts of data are of no use if it is not of the correct quality.  Big data will be of the most benefit if it is integrated with your other business data sources and your data warehouse rather than keep in a data silo.


What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse is a repository of your organization’s stored data. In essence, it is a place where content from different systems can be consolidated together in one logical location. Data Warehouse facilitates reporting and analysis. It is used for an organisation's need for reliable, consolidated, unique and integrated reporting and analysis of its data, at different levels of aggregation.


What are the signs of needing a data warehouse?

If you have data all over your company in different areas and it is inaccurate or not shared then you need a data warehouse. If you have too many reports to read, and by the time they arrive the information is out of date then you need a data warehouse. A data warehouse will help you organise and summarise your data in a useful way.


What will a data warehouse do for us?

A Data Warehouse provides a common format for all data of interest regardless of the data's source. This makes it easier to report and analyse information. Because the data warehouse is separate from operational systems, data warehouses provide retrieval of data without slowing down operational systems. Data warehouses facilitate BI reports such as trend reports, exception reports, and reports that show actual performance versus goals.

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